Saturday, September 12, 2009

Venus in Virgo, Mars in Pisces Compatibility |

Venus in Virgo, Mars in Pisces Compatibility |

Mars in a woman#s chart tells how she expresses her masculine energy, and also indicates what she may project onto the men in her life. Mars in a woman#s chart also can describe what she is attracted to in a man. In a man#s chart, ...

The Sun is in this sign from August 23rd to September 22nd making individuals born in this period Virgo. Virgo is one of the earth signs making them close to nature and the world around them. Virgo men are normally most compatible with ...

Most Virgo Men are not interested in the passionate and all encompassing great love affair. They are very private people who like to keep their personal affairs secret from others. The industrious and conservative minded Virgo man often ...

Virgo men are precise, technical individuals … they make great IT managers and engineers. It is for this reason that the Wenger watch range really appeals to Virgo men (as well as just about all guys who owned a Swiss Army knife when ...

The people born between Aug 24th and Sep 22nd come under the sun sign of Virgo. This article presents the characteristics of the Virgo men in a nutshell. Virgo men are: Ruled by Mercury and their birthstone is Emerald. ...

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